Manchester Riots Clean Up – Thank You

Aug 10th, 2011 // In: Blog, I Recieved A Card // By: Comments 0

Thanks for the work guys, It’s people like you that will put the country back together. Great Thanks...

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Manchester Riots Clean Up – Catch The Bug

Aug 10th, 2011 // In: Blog, I Gave A Card // By: Comments 2

    I had my very first experience of Ilovemygen today while in the Manchester Clean-Up after the riots. While out cleaning up, we had a lot of community support, myself included, and the community of people that I was out with were a massively motivated bunch. Then the Ilovemygen guys showed up, and did...

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Birthdays All Around

May 10th, 2011 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 1

It was my birthday dinner for 3 but along side us in the restaurant a family of 6 adults and 8 kids were also having a birthday bash for the Mum of the family. They were a great family such love and care of the children, it was great to see. I realised it was...

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NYC Restaurant

Oct 28th, 2010 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 1

So second day in New York City with my mates. Sitting in TGI’s about to tuck into a monster of a meal. I suggest to my mates (who have never heard of ILoveMyGen) the idea of paying for another tables food. Their first response was funny, but then after chatting about the idea they decided...

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