About us

Ilovemygen is about changing the world.

Ilovemygen is about this generation, our generation making this world a better place. It’s about this generation leaving the planet in a better state than we found it. It’s about creating a new normal culture. A culture where people think about others as they already think of themselves. A culture of love, safety, generosity. Some say this is just a pipe dream. Some say this is utopia. Others say, let’s at least have a go!

Ilovemygen is about

Loving our generation, our world, the people that make up this crazy planet. Seeing the need. Need isn’t just in Africa, although we can do something about that. Need is on your doorstep, it’s on your street, it’s in your city. Open your eyes, look around you Action changes things. Ilovemygen is not about hoping, dreaming, imagining, praying – it’s about doing something. It’s about actually changing the world.

We can all do something.

Ilovemygen was started in April 2010 in Manchester by !Audacious Church with a group of people who wanted to make a real difference to our world. A generation that wanted to create the future, that said we can all do something, It starts by simply making someone’s day a better day.

Ilovemygen exists to make a real difference in our worlds, in our community and in our city.

Ilovemygen in my world;

This is individual anonymous deliberate acts of kindness. It’s paying for someone’s meal without them knowing, buying someone’s coffee, putting your neighbours bins out; it’s doing whatever we can to make someone’s day a better day.

Ilovemygen in my community;

Changing the world means we have to make a significant impact in every suburb, in every council ward, in every community. 3 times a year ilovemygen presents a project in local communities across the nation. Last Christmas welcomed ilovemygen’s first community project ‘Street Secret Santa.

Ilovemygen in my city;


Whatever town or city you live in, there are specific characteristics and key influences. Ilovemygen in the city is about making a real difference to those areas of influence in your city. What can you do a make a difference in the music scene in your city, make the night life a safer place to be, help the business world encouraging new businesses.
Ilovemygen in the city is bringing together groups of people passionate about each area of influence and doing whatever we can to make a difference.

Ilovemygen is about cultural reform. We can create the world of our dreams. We can rise up out of mediocrity and bring change for the better. We can do something today to change tomorrow.

We can all do something.