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Oct 28th, 2010 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 1

So second day in New York City with my mates. Sitting in TGI’s about to tuck into a monster of a meal.

I suggest to my mates (who have never heard of ILoveMyGen) the idea of paying for another tables food. Their first response was funny, but then after chatting about the idea they decided it was a no brainer and would be pretty cool. So, we decided what table to pay for and chose a couple sitting on the other side of the room. We asked the waiter how much that table had spent so far and we all dug into our wallets to cover the bill with an ilovemygen card.

The waiter was loving it and so were we. We didn’t get to see the reaction of the couple but I’m sure they loved it too.

New York City, welcome to ILOVEMYGEN!!!


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  • Melody James

    Thats amazing, i love it!