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A Disaster that somehow worked out nicely.

After a long buffet lunch; Happy Hour had just begun and the restaurant was packed as usual.

The team was rushed of our feet when a women and her family came to the door. Prior to this our Host for the day; had been taking names and giving out menus whilst informing the customers that there was a 10-15 minute wait for a table. Most customers would either reply with; ‘Thats fine’ or ‘We’ll try somewere else; thankyou.’

On this occassion, the customer decided to wait it out and after 10 minutes began ‘questioning’ what the wait was. As we were still busy one of my team members very kindly showed her the reserved tables for parties and showed that the only free table would be a higher table.

Customers often refuse these tables as the seats are higher stool type chairs and are in the window/sunlight. My team member pushed two of these tables together and sat them down.

(This is were i come in)
After politely introducing myself and informing them of happy hour they said they were ready to order. I appologised for any delays and went on to get their drinks after storing there food for kitchen. When the starters arrived everything was fine, they asked for extra dips which i kindly didnt charge them for and then left them to eat.

When their pizzas arrived i realised that one of the pizzas had cheese on after i specifically asked for them to make it without. I quickly went into the back and told kitchen to make another one. I took out the other pizzas and explained what had happened. I offered them extra drinks which your not supposed to on happy hour but on this occassion i was trying to make up for the mistake.

The pizza took about 6 minutes to come out and when it did was taken straight over; along with the mistake pizza which two of the other customers had also ordered so were delighted with.

After another round of drinks and the pizzas eaten they asked for their bill.

I went over with the machine and the bill and asked if they were paying with cash/card. I was handed the cash and the reciept along with this black card and a tip. After the start of the meal and during part way through; I definately did not expect to recieve a tip off the customer.

I smiled and thanked the customer.
Cheers for that.

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