Petrol Station

May 14th, 2010 // In: I Recieved A Card // By: Comments 0

I am telling this story on behalf of my husband who got this lovely surprise
this morning.

He put his petrol in the van as he does every other morning
and proceeded to the check out to pay, “its been paid” said the woman on the
till… “What?”… was my husbands reply! The woman continues, “someone paid
for your petrol sir, and left you a card”.

Baffled by what had just happened he sat in his van for a few minutes, he
read the card and began to smile, he drove to work with this smile and let
everyone on his busy journey out by flashing them and smiling. I think his
day has been made by the kindness of one person and we would like to thank

We have 4 children and find it increasingly hard to make ends meet, luck
seems to have forgot about us, but today has made us both stop and think,
life is what you make it and it takes no effort to be kind to one person in
your busy day.

Cheryl and Anthony x x x

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