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After a very busy day at work my boyfriend and i decided to go out for tea and to the cinema.

We went for a lovely meal which we couldn’t finish eating so went along to the cinema with a doggy bag in hand.
Knowing that cinemas are often funny about customers taking in their own food we approached a lovely young member of staff to ask her if we were ok to take the pizza box with us. Whilst we were speaking to her she asked if we had bought our tickets yet, which of course we hadn’t. She then took us over to the front desk and explained to us that if we wished to accept them our tickets had already been paid for. She told us how someone had approached her earlier in the day and left enough money for two tickets and sweets for a couple of her choice with only one condition, to pass on the ilovemygen card to us.

This made our night so special to think that there are such kind people around.
We were amazed at how in todays society people could be so trusting and generous and it has insipred us to pass on the card and spread the love to our generation.

We would like to say thank you to the person who treated us and also to the member of staff for choosing us 🙂

Adam and Nicola xxx

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