Christmas Tree

Dec 28th, 2010 // In: I Recieved A Card // By: Comments 2

Location: New York City USA

Our family of eight had just cut our own 17-foot Christmas tree, hauled it to the hay wagon, and taken a ride back to our car.

Upon arrival, instead of paying for the tree, we received a ‘I love my gen’ card, with news that our tree was already paid for! What a gift! As a result, we were able to have lunch at the snack shack at Van Etten Farm. And, our six children were shown how to care for others.

We will pay it forward!


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  • Pascal

    My nick name is Loup Garou and I never cried in my life but THAT actually made me weep like a Baby

  • Pascal

    For a person who don’t believe in god this is strong