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So, a few of us were out for a birthday meal in the village hotel last night, when we got there we decided we wanted to give out an ilovemygen card while we were there… but we didnt know what to do.

After a while we decided we wanted to do something for our waitress because she was really lovely with us… we came up with alot of ideas but didnt realy know how we could do them or see them through…
so in the end we decided to leave her a realy good tip… but then we thought to be honest most people leave a tip when they go somewhere even thought ours was a realy good one 🙂 so we also decided to leave her a note with the tip and an ilovemygen card.

The note to her said:
“We really loved having you as our waitress tonight, thanks for your smiley face and amazing service. We really enjoyed our meal, thanks for being so friendly!
We think you are amazing and even though we dont realy know you we think you are incredible! keep on being the amazing you, thank you! xxx”

It was such an amazing feeling, because even though it was only something small we loved the feeling of knowin we had just made someones night better by a tip and a few words!

Kealy, Amy, Kathryn and Ella 🙂

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