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Making up ma mind to do that one deed of handing out the first ilovemygen business card was the hardest thing I did today..

I was running back from church as I was in a hurry to get to my destination and I see this man sitting/sleeping on the steps of a building. As I passed him I felt the urge to turn back and ask him if he was okay… (trust me it isn’t as easy as it sounds it took a good 2 mins n a huge argument inside my head but I mustered the courage to go talk to him) even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying to me when I asked him if he was okay.

Then, I saw inside his jacket pocket a toothbrush… what could I do for him… I didn’t know where he stays, he was drunk and I think he was shooing me off from his tone… 😀
But I do love my generation, so I told him I like him, I was a nervous wreck! So I took out 15 pounds which was all I had in cash n took an ilovemygen card n tucked it in his pocket… n turned n ran…

Whoever reads this please think about this man and also the 120 people carrying the business cards… as it isn’t an easy task that we have taken up upon our shoulders!
Find the courage!