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I was on my way home when I passed across a lady sitting in the corner of a building. Something in my heart stirred so I walked back, leaned down and started talking to her.

She needed to get her last bus home but was feeling too exhausted to even stand up. I asked her if I could get her something from the nearby Tesco, she offered me a £5 note which surprised me because I could see that she trusted me as a stranger.

I handed her money back and asked her what she’d like me to get her from Tesco. I looked at the bus timings for my last bus home and the last bus was about to leave in 10 minutes so I quickly bought some food & drink from Tesco and asked one of the workers, who was going to the rubbish bin to drop off the bag of food to the lady who was sitting by the corner.

He agreed so handed him the ‘ilovemygen’ card as well and ran to get my bus home, which I caught :o)