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Today I did my first ilovemygen!!

When I first heard of ilovemygen I knew I wanted to get involved, but I struggled finding something to
do. I kept trying to think of things, had a few ideas but couldn’t see how I could put them into practise.
Money is also an issue to me, so big gestures were out the window. So I started thinking smaller and
realised uni would be a good place to start; there are a lot of people around and I quite often have to
be on campus.

I was on the bus to meet coursemates in a uni cafe today and was thinking about students being
stressed about exams and how I could help someone. Then I thought… one thing students enjoy whilst
studying is a good brew! So after meeting my coursemates I went to the till in the cafe and said to the
guy serving “This might sound strange, but please can I pay for four teas and you give them to the next
four people that come and ask for one, along with one of these cards?”

The guy agreed, and was quite interested to know what it was all about, and said it was really nice thing
to do. So I paid, gave him four ilovemygen cards, and left.

I have no idea if four people actually went and had those teas. But hopefully they did and I hope it really
helped them relax away from exam stress, just for 5 minutes, and smile with the knowledge that they
didn’t have to pay for it 🙂

Even if only one person did, I, hopefully, still did what I set out to do – make someone’s day.

Lauren x

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