Starbucks Muffins

Jul 5th, 2010 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 0

Today I was in Starbucks with my friend and I saw there was a really long line behind me. As I approached the counter I decided to love my generation I bought 5 different muffins and I asked the lady serving me if she would offer the next 5 people she served if they would like a free muffin and give them an I love my gen card. She said yes and I wasn’t the first person she had met who was giving out I love my gen cards, she then explained another customer a few weeks ago bought a Starbucks gift card and gave it to her with money on to give to anyone she chose during her shift with a I love my gen card. Then she said she thought these cards were a really awesome idea! Then as I moved along the counter to the end to collect my drink I looked back and saw her handing out the muffins. She had a huge smile and the customers looked really surprised. I really hope that I made some peoples day today.


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