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Location: New York City

From the moment I left the tarmac at Heathrow on my way to 6 days in New York I knew I wanted to have an opportunity to love my generation there. It was a realisation that I loved the city so much that I cant do nothing about trying to impact it, or at least one New Yorker.

Every morning when leaving our hotel we would walk up a block to catch the subway and on the corner was an older guy standing with his rucksack giving out flyers for a car park on the block. Now arguably in the 6 days we were there we walked past people with a much greater need, homeless people, disabled people, but for some reason every morning as I walked past this guy my stomach tied itself in knots and my heart sank for him and his situation.

He just looked like he was at an age where there should have been a family somewhere to support him, to give him a long and happy retirement in Florida somewhere with golf and fishing, not here on the boiling hot humid streets of New York working. Being on holiday with my Dad made the situation more real in that every time I looked at this guy I couldn’t help but see my Dad and feel that I would never let him work like that to that age.

So one night as I stood outside the hotel and saw him walking up the street away from his daily perch on the corner I ran into the deli next door to our hotel and grabbed a sandwich and a drink, brought them and ran out after him down the road. I stopped him handed him the sandwich and drink and an ilovemygen card. Told him that I wanted to make his day just cause I could. And walked back to the hotel hoping I had made a difference.

ilovemygen – NYC

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