Lollipop Lady

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I decided to make a home-made card for a lady on my street who is also the local lollipop lady. I wanted to
make her day by just saying thank you for what she does. When I’d made the card i wrote the following
message inside –

‘Today I wanted to make your day;

I just wanted to say that you are an incredbile person and you do an amazing job looking after all of the
local children, making sure that they are safe when crossing the road; to and from school. Including me!

Thankyou 🙂

Just because I love my Generation.’

I then put it in an envelope with an ilovemygen card inside seeled it then posted it through her letter box.
After that i couldnt go back but i felt amazing afterwards as it wouldnt only make her day but it also made
me feel loads better!

Gaby, 14

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