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Location: Manchester City Centre

Me and a group of 5 friends went and bought some envelopes and some sweets. We then wrote little notes on a peice of paper, and put it in an envelope with some sweets and an ILOVEMYGEN card.

On my notes I wrote “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but this is just a message to let you know that you are amazing and awesome. Here are some sweets too. I am doing this because I LOVE MY GENERATION! Have a great day.”

We then walked around Manchester for ages, leaving these envelopes in phone boxes, in toilets, on a table in Starbucks. We also went into some shops like Boots, New Look, Next, Accesorize, and many others, and asked the staff at the counters if they wouldn’t mind giving the envelope to one of their next customers.

I really hope people recieved these envelopes willingly and without suspicion, opened them, smiled when they read the note, enjoyed the sweets, and that we really did make their day.


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  • hannah

    that is such a amazing thing too do and i love the idea !!