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It was lunchtime and me and Jaz had just one more shop to go in before heading home.

As we past our local Costa coffee shop (Urmston) I saw that it was getting busy with the lunchtime rush. I decided that this would be a perfect way of making someones day and even a talking point back in the office after lunch! I waited in the queue until it was my turn. I then asked the cashier if I would be able to pay for 4 lattes and if he would then mind giving them away to the next 4 customers. I told him the only condition was that he gave each of the customers an ilovemygen card!

He looked rather puzzled but happily put it through the till. He continued to be intrigued and asked a few questions and said he may even checkout the ilovemygen website himself! He couldn’t quite work out why I would spend my own money on complete strangers!!! I’m excited that today I have made 4 peoples day and that I have no idea who they are and they have no way of thanking me!!! How cool!!!



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