Indian Zoo

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Location: India

When I came away I was determined to show love to some children desperately in need of it.
The project I worked on is full of street boys scratching at the earth for anything which they could make money from. They have to take this back to their alcoholic parents otherwise they would mistreat these amazing young children.

I was told that any item which was bought for the YMCA shelter where they come for food and some love every day from 9am-1pm would be stolen so they could avoid their parental issues. The best thing for these boys was to create a memory which they would cherish and want to experience again, to try and inspire them to leave the street life and move into the YMCA 24 hour shelter.

I was suddenly presented with my opportunity to make 30 boys days all at once. So I arrange through the people who run their morning shelter a trip to the zoo, which we will be going on on the second to last day of my trip. If any of the boys asked them who or why anyone has made
this possible for them to respond by saying that someone just wanted to let you know that there are people out their who love and cherish you, just for being you.


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  • Gaby

    WOW! i love this!
    that is totally amazing! 🙂