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This is my second card I gave out today!!!
This was more planned, more daring and out of my comfort zone…which made it all the more fulfilling afterwards.

This was one I did in my village in an area that isn’t very well off or looked after. I was nervous at trying to organise this one thinking I’d end up getting laughed at or taunted. But I prayed for courage and contacted someone in the area saying I wanted to do some litter picking in an area maybe forgotten about. It turns out there was a garden that never got cleaned, litter EVERYWHERE passer by used it as their bin. So I decided that was where I was going to go.

The person I contacted informed the lady of me doing her garden to check she was ok with it. The lady only asked if I would involve her 4 children (3 boys between 7 and 13 and a little girl)
I was really nervous as the area is quite rough and a lot of young people wandered the streets. But when I got there I was welcomed by the lady I contacted, her husband and 3 children, the lady whose garden it was and her boyfriend, which was fantastic.

The kids were brilliant and really enthusiastic, even the dad and older brother who started the day laughing and hiding in the house came out and helped which was brilliant. Then when I looked up the street two other neighbors came out and started their gardens!!!!

It was amazing how the domino effect really came to life!! After about two hours and 6 black bin bags full later we had 3 clean gardens and pathway. It was fantastic seeing this generation come together and have a brill time doing a not so brill job… plus I got a lovely tan haha!

It was great to step and show that someone cares!!!

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