Free Food

May 11th, 2010 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 0

So I was doing my weekly return journey from London to Manchester on the train. Thinking, what can I do to make someone’s day right now?

I was sitting in my seat after a very long day and fancied some food and a coffee.
As I got to the onboard shop I thought, now is my opportunity to do something. I bought my sandwich and coffee and then gave the lady behind the counter some
extra cash with a bunch of Ilovemygen cards I had in my bag. I asked if she could
make an announcement when I sit down for everyone in my carriage to come and collect a cup of coffee or something until the cash runs out.  She asked why so I explained about how we are wanting to makes peoples day and love our generation.
She said OK but looked at me as if I was a total weirdo!
It was great to see the surprise, shock and confusion on people’s faces as they came and sat back down with their drinks, food and Ilovemygen cards. I finished my sandwich
and fell asleep happy, knowing I had just made a few people’s day on their way home.

I love loving my generation.


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