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Today I was driving into Manchester when I spotted a few shops I wouldn’t mind nipping into!

I pulled over, parked up and went for a wander around the shops. As I entered one shop I kind of overheard a couple of the assistants talking and one sounded as though she wasn’t haven’t the greatest day. I browsed around the shop, picked up an item and as I got to the till the lady I had heard briefly chatting served me. As I wandered out of the shop it dawned on me…I could do something really nice and make her day!!

A bunch of flowers immediately came to mind so I walked around to try and find a shop that sold them. I couldn’t see anything and was feeling a bit disappointed. As I got back to my car there was a florist opposite where I’d parked so I walked over only to find the door locked! I walked back across the road and into another shop convinced that my little mission here was incomplete! I asked the guy in the shop if he thought the florists was open and he said that it was as there were loads of flowers outside. Deciding to give it one last go I walked back across the road to find the door wide open! I went in and asked the lady to make me up a bunch of flowers. As she was making up the bouquet we chatted generally about things and it dawned on me I could ask her to deliver the flowers to the lady I had seen. I described what she looked like and which shop it was in and told her I was a part of a group of people called ilovemygen who were trying to change a culture and do good things for people. She said she’d never heard of them but seemed interested by it and I gave her a business card. She asked if I wanted a card putting with the flowers to which I told her I’d like an ilovemygen card attaching.

Great conversation. Loved it!