Doctors Appointment

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Some days back I had a doctors appointment.

I was sitting in the waiting area. My appointment was for 10am and it was already 10.30am. An elderly lady
sat not very far from me with her mom. She looked quite uncomfortable and in
agony and from their conversation I figured out that they had been waiting
since 9am that morning, even though their appointment time was 12.15pm,
because they had taken the hospital transport which usually picks you up
really early in the morning.

I went inside the clinics, being a medical student I know the department so I
spoke to one of the nurses and explained to her that I’d like to swap my appointment
time with the elderly lady outside and asked her if she could ask the doctor if that
would be fine. The doctor came outside while we were still talking so I explained it to
him too and said I would really appreciate if he saw the lady before me as I could
wait till 12.15am.

He asked me if the lady was related to me and I said yes, because we are from the
same generation and I love my generation. He agreed to see her immediately, which
was meant to be my appointment time, but was hesitant in giving her the I love my gen card.
So I went in to the reception area and left it there and told them that if the lady/her daughter
comes to the reception to ask about who changed her appointment time with hers, could
they keep my details confidential but they can give her the I love My Gen Card!…
The nurse who works there told me that the daughter of the elderly
lady was in tears when the doc told her that someone cared enough to give
their appointment time so that she could go home early!


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