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I was prepping for a show, it had been a busy few days of 14-hour rehearsals and we were finally getting the last few things sorted before the show started in two hours. I knew that one of the girls had been having trouble with her pointe shoes in final rehearsals but then I had forgotten about it and never gave it another thought. It was then I overheard a conversation and it became clear that the girl wouldn’t be able to dance in her shoes and her parents were going to be unable to do anything about it as her mum couldn’t afford new ones, and her dad was refusing to pay. It was then I knew that I had to do something, as I knew how hard this girl had worked towards the show.

Part of me was worried about the money, the reason I was working over my Easter holidays was to pay for my next semester at uni and pointe shoes aren’t cheap. Time was also an issue because I had so much to do before the show and I knew the dance shop would be closing soon, I realistically did not have enough time to get to find out the girls size and get to the shop and they often don’t stock every size. There was so much against me but I knew I had to do something, my heart was beating so fast and it broke my heart to think the girl couldn’t perform after all her hard work.

That’s when I did it, I found someone else to chaperone my dressing room and I ran to the dance shop, arriving 5 minutes before closing time. I wanted to get her the nicest shoes possible and they had the perfect pair, perfect size. I got them to wrap them up and in the box I popped an ilovemygen card. I went back to the theatre and left the box at reception.

Over the next hour a whisper rippled through the theatre, where were the shoes from? What did the card say? I stood back and smiled. Even the girl’s mum contacted the dance school to see where the shoes were from and to send them a card of thanks. I am so glad that the opportunity arose, that I was in the right place at the right time and as a result the girl got to perform knowing she was loved by someone.

That was the best feeling ever!

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