Cinema Tickets

May 16th, 2010 // In: I Gave A Card // By: Comments 0

I was in the cinema with one of my friends, I spotted two people behind me in the queue deciding what film to
watch and they couldn’t come to a decision. I was at the desk and paid for my two tickets, me and my friends.
As I was paying I saw the ilovemygen cards in my purse so I decided to pay for the two people behind me.

I explained to the man behind the till what I wanted to do. He was unsure what I was getting at as I explained
I just want to pay for the two people whatever movie they decide because I love my generation, and can u
please give them these two cards! He agreed and looked quite excited to be involved in something a bit different.
I paid for the tickets and quickly rushed off; I didn’t want them to work out it was me. I have no idea what movie
they saw but I’m sure it made their day. It defiantly made my day.

It was the most amazing feelings to do something out of the ordinary and for others.


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