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I was out on bank holiday Monday loving my Generation, with 85 other passionate people creating a new normal in the city centre of Manchester.

As I walked past a man selling balloons on Market Street I knew there was a way I could make more than one persons day. I decided to buy three balloons from the man and gave him double he was selling them for. He hesitated for a while not knowing why I didn’t want change from the money I gave him and tried to give me it back. After a few minutes he asked me why I was being so generous, I just simply said to him “Because I love my generation” and he accepted my offer as I gave him an ilovemygen card.

I was then walking around with three massive balloons (a big tractor, a big pink unicorn and an animated one, not just a plain simple birthday balloon- these were big!)

I decided to hand these balloons to three different children walking through the city centre of Manchester.
First of all I saw a young girl who asked her mum if she could have a balloon, I heard her mum shake her head saying she couldn’t afford one. I walked up to the mum and the girl and gave her the balloon with an ilovemygen card. The girl loved it, and the mum was blown away that someone cared about her daughter to buy her a balloon.

I then saw a little boy looking at the balloons. So I walked up to him and gave him the tractor. He was so happy and loved it, attaching it onto his wrist and playing with it as soon as I gave it to him. I then gave his mum an ilovemygen card and she was so thankful, thanking me for being generous.

I had one balloon left, there wasn’t any children around but I knew I could still make someones day. Suddenly I saw a girl who walked past me pointing at my balloon. I bent down and gave her it.. Her mum was shocked, and nearly in tears, thanked me for giving the balloon away. I gave her an ilovemygen card and told her what we were doing in Manchester. She loved what was going on and said how amazing ilovemygen is and how it will impact other peoples lives.

I couldn’t believe how shocked and amazed parents were when I just simply gave out balloons. They were so thankful and moved by the way I had given their child something, and all of them loved what ilovemygen stands for.


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