Bag of Smiles

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Wandering around the Arndale the lady was searching every table as customers left, to see if there were any dregs of food drink to fill her. Her only possessions she pulled along in her small suitcase until she sat exhausted at an empty table alone. I don’t know what possibly could of drove her to begging for the crumbs off the table but me and my friend knew we could do something to help.

We got up, went to Eat and packed a little brown bag full of food. Then we paid for it and asked the waitress to give it to the lady along with our ilovemygen card. We hid behind a pillar whilst the waitress confused and intrigued walked over to the lady and handed her the bag of food and the card. We don’t know the ladies name. We don’t know when she had her last meal. We don’t know if she even had a home and we don’t know if she’ll ever write her story on the website but we do know that before she even looked into the bag of food we saw her read the card and we saw a big smile light up her face. We might not be able to change her situation but we are able to just for one moment to show her that she is loved.

Carly & Laney

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