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Having done the first of many ilovemygen in the city’s it was amazing to discover the following blog had been written by a passer by who had noticed ilovemygen making a difference in the city centre of Manchester! It couldn’t haven’t been written any better! Check this out;

Market Street in Manchester on bank holiday Monday is a bustling, lively, charismatic place with music drifting through the tall buildings and smells wafting from the food stands…I hear the strangely familiar sound of acoustic guitar and I make my way through the crowds to see a band busking in the middle of Market Street. An acoustic alternative band, front man on guitar, bass, drums, two violins and a Cello, they had a real presence so I stayed to hear a couple of songs. The band’s name is The Wishing Well and they are pretty great, please do check them out. It wasn’t until three songs in that I noticed the guitarists Australian accent and realised I’d heard they before busking in Sydney last September. It seems I’m being stalked by a band…interesting.

The crowd is a typically English, standing with unreadable faces under the darkening sky, hands clasps in front of them or in pockets, scared to step forward and drop some change into the open violin case for fear that they might be judged…this all changed when in stormed 20-30 people of all ages, races, shapes and sizes cheering and shouting, clapping and dancing…who are these people? More joined them, forming a real crowd, swaying to the music…who are these nutters?! They all wore a white t-shirt with the words I love my gen on the front. More and more of these cheerful freaks appeared until there was a full scale crowd taking up Market Street.


Suddenly one of the so called “freaks” picked up the violin case…no no not to steal it, but to carry it round and encourage people to put money in for the band. Flecks of rain began to fall from the sky, the emotionless Brits around began to grumble and walk off until…the “freaks” pulled out umbrella’s passing them round and standing next to the band to shield them from the rain still smiling and cheering. OK who are these people I thought as they eventually carried their happiness and positivity down Market Street cheering and clapping off into the distance…

Well it turns out Ilovemygen are a collection of people who’s sole aim is to make people’s day better…for no other reason than because they can. In their words:

“ilovemygen is a culture, a sound. It isn’t a place you go, it’s not an event, its not a product. I did something kind for you simply because i want to make a difference in our world.”

Well I never…how peculiar. People from the NorthWest of England strolling around the city making people happy for the fun of it…that is a nutty notion, but dear readers it is true! And personally I think it’s fantastic…people add their stories to the site of how they encountered Ilovemygen (Standing for I love my generation) and received one of their enigmatic cards. Here’s a little story of how they made a 7 yr old’s day just a little better…….

And so the blog continues with the story ‘teddy’.

ilovemygen in the city is all about making a statement to the city. It’s about doing something that makes people stop and take note that there is an underground revolution of people that want to make this city a better place to live in.

ilovemygen is the new normal!

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