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ilovemygen is like brushing your teeth, it’s like updating your twitter and facebook statuses, it’s like a good cup
of English tea, it’s like putting your socks on in the morning.

ilovemygen is an everyday thing, it’s another part of your daily routine. ilovemygen isn’t a campaign, it’s not a
slogan, ilovemygen is simply part of your day.

Every day when I leave the house, I take; my keys…. check! wallet…… check! Mobile phone…. check! And now
my ilovemygen cards.

Every day looking for an opportunity to do something for someone who didn’t ask me, wasn’t expecting, or maybe
didn’t even deserve help. But today they came into contact with a new culture.

Today they experienced someone who is proactively doing something to create a new culture in my city, in my
nation, in my generation. Today they encountered someone who wants to make an impact on the planet, that
wants to leave an irrefutable mark on a city, just because we had a go! Just because we were ready. Just
because we stepped beyond the selfish parameters of our natural thinking and moved to living on the front foot.

People dream about making a real change in this world. Only some achieve it.

The difference?

The difference is in the person that makes a decision to be ready and to make an opportunity. The difference is
in making cultural change a lifestyle not an event.

ilovemygen is a mentality, it’s an everyday culture that say’s on THIS day, TODAY, I’m going to be change, I’m
going to do something to show that I love my generation.

Every day seek out and take the opportunity that’s been crafted for you. Don’t ignore the nudge of your heart.
Do something on this day to love your generation and tell your story to inspire others to do the same.


Stock up on your ilovemygen cards! If you need more cards, or want to be a part of the ilovemygen cultural
revolution email

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