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Imagine a city where you’re welcomed into town, helped off trains with someone to carry your luggage, kids are treated to free sweets, parents to free brews whilst shopping, and there’s someone on hand to help you with anything you may need!

That city became a reality on a Sunday in October.

Manchester for 2 hours was shown a future possibility. A city we would all love to be a part of. A culture, a flavour so different from ‘normal’ 21st century cities. We don’ have to let the future of our towns and cities degenerate. We can be change, we can create the future. ILOVEMYGEN made a statement of intent. We see a different kind of city in the future. We see a safe, positive, sharing, culture as a possibility. Others say it’s just youthful utopia; we say let’s have a go! Get involved, be the change, create the future.

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