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On Monday 3rd May 85 people passionate about their generation stormed Manchester City Centre.

The city centre was buzzing with a culture of love, fun, peace, and ownership. A generation making a statement to a city.

This statement took people by surprise, people literally didn’t know whether this was all just too good to be true! ilovemygen is a statement that is
at first simply unbelievable yet so attractive, so compelling, so genuine. You can’t help but resonate with a statement that wants to make the world
a better place, to bring a new normal.

On Saturday a generation bought flowers, chocolate and tea for people, helped others with directions, welcomed people to the city, fed the
homeless, opened doors and greeted people to shopping centres, cleaned coffee shops, encouraged people, bought balloons for kids; just because,
just to make a statement! We did whatever we could to show the city that someone cares.

Someone’s not just talking about making Manchester better, we’ve not just got a theory, we’re not waiting for funding, we’re doing whatever we can
now with whatever we’ve got now, to make this city a better place today.

If you were in the city on Monday Bank Holiday and experienced ilovemygen please email us! Tell your story. Inspire others to love their city, love
their nation and to be change.

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  • Joel

    What a great day, it was amazing being involved in something the city couldn’t ignore!