Flash Mob

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Location: Market Street, Manchester

On holiday in the UK for 10 days, I am walking through downtown Manchester, through the bus area, and I begin to notice there are a lot of young people hanging about, looking anticipating, looking at their watches.

I blink my eyes. Now all (or most) of those young people are standing frozen still, holding out cards that say ILOVEMYGEN.COM Some of them have shirts that say it. Quickly I get out my videocamera and record the people in my general area, and when I am done, I walk up to someone with three cards and try to take one. One stays in my hand, one in his, and one drops. I mumble an apology and pick up the one that dropped. Suddenly, from the other end of the large parkway, a huge cheer starts, and soon the people around me are moving and cheering as well. Not being able to see the rest of the walkway because of the density of the bodies, I had assumed that this flash mob was maybe thirty people strong. I quickly ask one of the nearer participants “how many people are here?” he replies with, “about 700.”

I was flabbergasted by the thought that so many people had come to this spot to participate in the event. I was staying in a hostel, and many high schoolers appeared at breakfast earlier that morning. Some of them were wearing the shirts, and I thought nothing of it at the time, but knowing now, that people had come from all over just to go to this event lead me to one conclusion: I must know what this organisation is.

Danny Parker


Went into Manchester to pick up my wife from the station arrived early so decided to walk round for a while. Found myself in Costa Coffee and decided to have a rest and a drink, ordered my drink and was told that it had been paid for. Had a smile to myself and enjoyed my drink and rest . Hows that for good news.
Kevan Marden

Got a chocolate from your lot in town whilst doing my job as a city centre host.

I was walking through manchester, ther was a group of people stood still in different everyday natural poses holdin cards, i stood for around 5 mins watching then everyone cheered and walked off giving there cards out to people watching.
Hayleigh sutton

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  • Jediah

    I think you’re mistaken, it was nearly 1000 strong 😉

  • Hayley

    yeah. it was amazing. creatin the cry of a new norm. 100 young adults standin up 4 what they believe in. p.s. i was there 🙂

  • Hayley

    *1000 sorry