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To change a culture you have to physically do something about it. ilovemygen
is not about talking about change, dreaming about change, it’s about being

On Monday 04 May ilovemygen hits the streets of Manchester bringing a new
culture to a familiar scene.

Monday 04 May is May Day. ilovemygen hears the cry for help of a generation
and is coming to answer.

Walk up Market Street in Manchester and you will experience a generation
that cares about our city. People who love their generation are simply going
to offer help, support, and assistance to anybody who needs a hand.

We’re bringing ideal culture to earth. A culture that people say, “that’s
just too idealistic, that’s utopia”, we’re going to have a go at bringing it
into our city!

A culture where people actually care for and look out for other people. A
culture where people are looking out for and are more concerned other
people’s needs.

Imagine a city, a nation, a world where you felt safe wherever you were, you
knew there would be someone to help when you needed, you knew people
genuinely cared.

Imagine a city where a smile was normal! Imagine a city that bled
expectancy, hope, and love.

Imagine a culture like this in every area, suburb, street and house!

You say, you’re dreaming!

We say, we’re going to at least have a go!

Change only ever happened because someone dared to have a go!

Join a cultural revolution.

Be change.

Love; because.

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